About the project

I love lightsabers.

In a way, this project began when I was 4 years old. I had just seen my first Star Wars movie and I wanted nothing more than to grab the nearest broom handle, curtain rod, or stick and pretend I was saving the galaxy by cutting my siblings in half with sword made of light. I imagined the humming of the blade as I created dancing streams of bright plasma-light in the air. I collected old pipes, empty paper towel rolls (or anything I could get my hands on that resembled a lightsaber hilt) and would decorate them to wear on my belt.

As I grew older I began to channel creative energy digitally recreating lightsabers. Eventually I started a catalog of these illustrations, organizing them into classes, styles, colors, and types.

The lightsabers collected in the archive are illustrated in a flat minimalist style, and I attempt to stay faithful to the original proportions/design. My digitally illustrated collection has quickly outgrew my actual collection (I only own 11 lightsabers, to be passed to my sons when they’re older), and I will be adding new lightsabers to the archive over time. If there’s a particular lightsaber you’d like to see send me a note.

Artwork/Vector File Usage

Please feel free to download and use the lightsaber flat illustrations for your own use! They’re in SVG vector format so it’s best to open them with Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, or other vector editors. Although, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t sell them on reproducible materials. The illustrations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. That means you can do whatever you like as long as you’re not making loads of money from my art. Lucasfilm/Disney wouldn’t like that very much.

Get Some Art

Want to own some cool art for your walls? You can a print of 32 selected Lightsaber Archive custom illustrations in the form of high-quality prints. Or grab something with the Lightsaber Archive logo, which depicts three colored lightsabers crossed in battle using minimalist shapes. You can show your support by sporting a sweet shirt!

Special Thanks

This website uses a beautifully-crafted WordPress theme developed by Qode Interactive. I’m sure they would be appreciative if all you web-savvy folks visit their site and buy their themes.

Most of my efforts have been focused on illustrating the lightsaber graphics for this site, so the vast majority of text and information was found on the Wookipedia. Go click on a few of their site ads so they can be rewarded for providing/upkeeping such an expansive trove of knowledge.

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