Darth Sidious’s dual lightsabers

These were the pair of nearly identical personal electrum-finish lightsabers of Darth Sidious, built during his apprenticeship under Darth Plagueis. Sidious rarely used his weapons—only doing so when absolutely necessary—as they would have immediately identified him as a Sith Lord. Instead, he preferred to exercise his powers of manipulation and used servants to carry out his hidden agenda.

Darth Sidious had discerning tastes, which was reflected in his lightsabers. They were constructed from nearly indestructible phrik with a flat aurodium blade emitter, and all finished with electrum. Both weapons utilized a corrupted kyber crystal at their cores.

While both were originally identical, one of them was later retrofitted with an unknown black material.

One of the weapons was normally hidden inside a neuranium sculpture that was displayed on the desk of his office within the Senate Office Building on Coruscant.


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